A Letter from Andrew Peet.

As times are changing and society is becoming more conscious of our environmental footprint, solar energy has quickly become an effective and renewable source of power. However, over the last several years our team at Peet Roofing noticed the lack of care and disregard solar companies take during their installation process, inevitably damaging (and at times destroying) the roofs we spent a great deal of time and effort on. Despite these frustrations, it is clear that the benefits of solar energy speak for themselves. After doing extensive research to better understand why our customers were switching to solar, we learned of the enormous financial savings and guaranteed protection against inflation solar offers. Utility companies have raised their rates for homeowners a minimum of 4% each year, and as much as 15-25% most recently. Without regulations protecting against such increases, there is no end in sight to the rise in the amount we will spend each year on electricity. In the best interest of our customers, we believe it is time to take matters into our own hands and incorporate the solar experience into your homes the right way. 

Once we made the decision to incorporate solar sales into our business model, we knew it was imperative to find a solar partner who aligned with the integrity, customer service and work ethic our company prides itself on. We prioritized finding a partner who was meticulous during the installation process – one that approached each solar system with the same quality and care as we do with our roofs. After many months of researching solar installation companies, we learned that most were brand new and did not have the backing to guarantee their warranties. So, when we eventually found a solar company that had honest values, solid backing guarantees, 12 years of experience designing residential solar, an electrical contractor’s license of 37 years, and was an A+ BBB accredited business, we knew we found the right company.

For the last 30 years, our team at Peet Roofing aimed to deliver unbeatable customer experience and expertise to our community in Central Florida. Now, as times change, we have the opportunity to leverage these same qualities while bringing our valued customers the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy. Ask yourself: If you could travel back to 1983 and lock in the price of gas at $1.16 for the next 25 years while preventing environmental pollution wouldn’t you do it? That is exactly what a consumer would do when going with solar energy. 

To determine whether your home qualifies for solar, all we need is your current electric bill.

With just this information we can provide you with an overview of the money you will save by switching to solar, your predicted monthly payment, total cost of the system, the number of years before you get a return on your investment, and the physical design and aesthetic of your solar panels.

However, not everyone’s roof has a slope positioned in relation to the sun that is an appropriate fit for solar. At Peet Roofing, we will help you determine if yours is the right match by evaluating and discussing the following:

  1.  What is the orientation of your roof? Does the slope of your roof face the sun?
  1.  Do you have many large trees shading your roofs surface area?

The second can be overcome by cutting down interfering trees but if your roof does not get enough sun, your home is likely not a good candidate for solar.

Call today at 407-268-3178 or email us at  office@peetroofingcentralflorida.com to see if your home can benefit from all the savings solar has to offer.


We offer a FREE solar evaluation to determine if solar is the right fit for your home and family.

Do you want to know if you qualify for solar and how much money you will save by making the switch?

Step 1 of 1: Send us a copy of your electric bill.

    At no charge to you, we can evaluate your home using our solar design software which will determine your electrical power consumption and design a system that matches or exceeds the same power you use currently.

    Solar roofing saves your wallet and the planet. If your home qualifies for solar, you will pay less monthly for the same power consumed and also protect yourself from the unregulated rise in rates of inflation and electricity. Simultaneously, solar is a source of clean, renewable energy that allows you to protect your environment and the earth around you.

    Call today at 407-268-3178 or email us at nanci@peetroofingcentralflorida.com to find out more or just send in one of the most current electric bills with your contact info and a solar Peet Roofing consultant will reach out to you with our evaluation.